Collagen is a type of protein present in your skin, bones, joints, and ligaments, among other places. Because collagen production declines as people age, many people use supplements to assist naturally boost collagen levels. Collagen supplements are commonly used to improve skin health since the protein has been demonstrated to increase skin elasticity, moisture, and texture. Collagen supplements, on the other hand, are not all made equal. The supplements in this article were chosen using the following criteria: supplement type (powder or pill), ingredients, third-party testing or certifications, and dosage.

Skin Deep Collagen

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Taking collagen as a supplement for joint health, better skin health, and a greater overall sense of well-being has proven to be beneficial to many people.

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People with joint pain no longer need to purchase and try many different drugs because of the new LITOZIN® combination. LITOZIN® Collagen is a multi-ingredient capsule that contains everything you need.