Infrequent bowel motions, firm stools, frequent straining to poop, and the sense of incomplete emptying are all indications of constipation. It affects up to 20% of adults globally and has a substantial impact on quality of life.

Constipation is often treated with dietary changes, laxatives, and medications by healthcare experts. Some of the laxatives contain probiotics, fiber, psyllium, prunes, and many more that are naturally based. 

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Senna is a natural herbal ingredient used to assist in the maintenance of healthy bowels. A major constituent of Senna is hydroxy-thracene glycosides which possess laxative effects by gentle stimulation of peristalsis in the colon wall.

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 Dietary fiber promotes a stable digestive system by maintaining normal colonic function. It aids in the maintenance of a balanced glucose level, regular blood lipid levels, and a healthy cardiovascular system.

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MENTHOLAX is available in the form of enterosoluble soft capsules that do not irritate the stomach and open directly at the intestinal level, where it stimulates transit while also promoting the expulsion of excess gas and improving intestinal spasms.