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Zinc aids in the defense of cells from oxidative stress and is involved in cell division. It also affects the immune system, as well as the health of the eyes, hair, nails, skin, and bones.

Mag 2 - 300 Mg 45 Tablets

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Mag 2 24H magnesium 300 mg tablet is a magnesium and vitamin B6 food supplement. Mag 2 24H contains magnesium and vitamin B6, which help to relieve fatigue and support the nervous system's normal function.

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Laboratoires Biofar have created "Calcium Magnesium" for you, a rich, synergistic formula with a good citrus flavor that supports your neuromuscular system and helps reinforce your bones.

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SiderAL® Forte is a dietary supplement containing Sucrosomial Iron® (Sideral® ) and Vitamin C that can be used to treat nutritional deficiencies or temporarily increase the organic needs of these nutrients.