With the addition of Nopal and Fennel, this dietary supplement contains Chromium, Amino Acids, and Phaseolamin. Nopal inhibits the absorption of fat, carbohydrate, and calorie consumption. It suppresses eating cravings, which is a terrific approach to help you maintain a healthy weight. Chromium aids in the control of blood glucose levels and macronutrient metabolism. Fennel aids in the elimination of excess liquids, as well as the regulation of digestion and gastrointestinal motility.



Take 1-2 ovules a day, during meals, with plenty of water.



Nopal 350 mg Phaseolamin 180 mg Fennel dry extract 0.5% 150 mg Chromium 50 mcg L-Valine 25 mg L-Proline 12.5 mg L-Tyrosine 12.5 mg


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