Infrequent bowel motions, firm stools, frequent straining to poop, and the sense of incomplete emptying are all indications of constipation. It affects up to 20% of adults globally and has a substantial impact on quality of life. Constipation is often treated with dietary changes, laxatives, and medications by healthcare experts. Some of the laxatives contain probiotics, fiber, psyllium, prunes, and many more that are naturally based.

Aussievits Anti-Constipation 60 Capsules

Senna is a natural herbal ingredient used to assist in the maintenance of healthy bowels. A major constituent of Senna

Bekunis Herb – 80Gm

Description: The active ingredients in Bekunis Herbal Tea come from the old-flavoured Indian medicinal herb Cassia angustifolia. The natural substances

Bekunis Laxative Tablets – 45 Tablets

Description: Bekunis products are free of harsh chemicals and are designed to work with, not against, your body. Their particular

Buonerbe Forte 60 Tablets

Buonerbe Forte is a food supplement that contains Frangula, Senna purified extract titrated with 20% in sennosides, Plum, Chincona and

Colon-X – 30 Tablets

Description: Looking for a comprehensive digestive health supplement? Look no further than Colon X. This powerful formula which promotes gastrointestinal

Fiberplan With Psyllium Husk – 60 Capsules

Description: Sona FibrePlan is a natural food supplement that contains a high concentration of natural soluble fibre, often known as

Konsyl Daily Fiber Laxative – 30 Packets

Description: Introducing Konsyl Daily Fiber Laxative – the all-natural fiber supplement that’s perfect for anyone looking to improve their digestive

Laxamix Laxative Tea – 25 Sachets

Description: Due to the presence of senna leaves and pods in Laxamix, it has an efficient laxative effect. Laxamix is

Laxavit Forte – 30 Tablets

Description: Laxavit Forte is a dietary supplement that contains a phyto-complex with micronized herbs (Senna, Frangula, Sacred bark, Rhubarb, Aloe,