Blood Health

Practitioners of both traditional medical and alternative healing agree that proper blood circulation is really important for good health and wellbeing. There are numerous ways to improve blood flow. In fact, there are specific vitamins and supplements that support healthy blood flow throughout the body.

Alfa Garlic Odorless 2000Mg 100 Softgels

Description: Garlic Odorless 2000 mg softgels deliver the benefits of pure garlic oil without the lingering aftertaste. Garlic is a

Cardioace Original 30 Capsules

Cardioace Original is an expertly balanced source of over 20 nutrients to safeguard your diet and support all-round heart health

Cardyoung – 30 Capsules

Unique combination with synergistic effect Clinically proven in CHF in addition to standard therapy Helps to prevent atherosclerosis and CHD

Tomex Garlic – 80 Tablets

Description: TOMEX has a large dose of genuine organic Egyptian garlic powder of the highest grade, with a high quantity