FerPlus Tre-Tard 30mg is a high-dose Iron supplement that comes in gastro-resistant, gradual-release tablets. The gastro-resistant format eliminates the typical Iron taste and protects against the gastrointestinal troubles that are frequently connected with the uptake of this mineral. The novel controlled-release three-stage technology, in combination with the three forms of Iron (bisglycinate, pidolate, and fumarate), provides for gradual absorption over the course of the day and hence improved usage by the body.

Iron is a mineral that is required for the normal functioning of the entire body.

Tiredness and fatigue are felt when there isn't enough.

Iron is a necessary component of the human body, as it aids in cell division, oxygen transfer to the tissues, and energy metabolism. One of the most prevalent deficiencies is a lack of iron, which expresses itself as weakness, exhaustion, and weariness in women of childbearing age, pregnant, or lactating. Intense athletic activity, vegan and vegetarian diets are also high-need circumstances.

The more iron the body requires, the better it absorbs.



1 tablet a day with a little water or other liquid, preferably on an empty stomach.



Iron from three organic sources with Vitamin C, B12, Folic Acid and Beta-carotene.


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